About Us

Student Works Provides you an easy access to an untapped talented students workforce in few simple clicks.

Willing and Capable Workforce

All our verified students are bound to provide you an enthusiatic and dedicated quality service on demand.

Easy to Use

Our interface is designed in a way that you can post and get your work done in just few steps.

Cost-Saving Solution

All our students are free to set their own wage rates that allowing you to get your tasks completed in competitive prices as compared to market rates that let you save money.

Our Story

Student works created for two reason - One is to give life back to the people who never get time to stop and spend their leisure time with family, friends and pets.
Second to give students a new way to earn surplus money as a support to their education, to do activities that they love to do that in the time that they spare from their studies.

Combined, we wish to create a happy community that helps each other to achieve their goals.

As a partnership between a consumer and student; Student Works ensures that both parties are looked after throughout the process. We have tried to think of everything that will create a perfect service delivery platform. Still we have a dedicated minds to work on to keep on adding new features to make Student Works the greatest asset on everyone’s desktop and phone.

Our Purpose

Working for you. Working for them.

Student works is here to work: working for individuals, working for students, working for businesses and most importantly to work for you.

From simple data entry to dog walking or gardening to tutoring there's a student that will work for you.

Our Vision

We are living in a society where time is less for consumers to get work done and students are struggling financially more than ever before.

Student Works goal is to build a platform that provides students from all around the world with an easy access to temporary and flexible work opportunites to support their studies by introducing them to the wider public.

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