What questions are asked in an interview?
Is it FAQ or FAQS?

Correct usage of FAQFAQ stands for 'Frequently asked questions', with the plural being implicit in the acronym FAQ. But it is common to see the word 'FAQs' being used, which treat the word FAQ as an object in itself, and an s being added to its end in order to pluralize it. Which one is the correct usage for FAQ ?

How do you say FAQ in English?

In order to avoid misunderstandings I think FAQ should be pronounced as an initialism (where you keep each letter separated: Eff-Ay-Kyu) rather than as an acronym (where the letters are pronounced as a word: fack)

What do the letters in FAQ stand for?

Feck is a popular minced oath in Ireland, occupying ground between the ultra-mild expletive flip and the often taboo (but also popular) fuck. It's strongly associated with Irish speech, and serves a broad range of linguistic purposes that I'll address briefly in this post

what is your name?

Hi my name is disha

How do I hire a student?

Once you have posted a task, you will be presented with a list of available and qualified student’s profiles, including any relevant experience and previous recommendations they may have had. It is up to you to then select a student to hire.